News Round-up

Cataract Screening

Over 60 patients have now been screened and booked for surgery next January across three triage camps. We aim to have 100 booked by the end of October. During these camps many receive glasses who have refractive errors.

India Training:

Jerusalem ( pictured) and Shakespeare leave for a three month course to become certified Visual Technicians at the world renown Aravind Eye Care centre in Madurai , India.

Their visas have been approved and they will leave in late October. This will help develop the Vision Centre at Enekorogha which we run in partnership with Ian Squire, Founder of Mission4Vision UK

Childrens Sanctuary:

The prevalence of sexual abuse has risen since prices have soared and families cannot always feed their children. Younger girls have been raped by older men in return for food.
The sanctuary in our compound will be completed in the next few months to provide shelter and food for these vulnerable children as we seek to support inclusion back into their families.

Laboratory Training

Victory, our Superintendent has started a three year certificate in Laboratory Technology and Management. 

This will help develop diagnostics at the Clinics, but after seven years with him at the helm in Nigeria we will miss him. He has been mentoring Anthony for some time to take over and will be returning during his vacations to help troubleshoot any problems and maintain fellowship with the team.