Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion launched.

Many children die due to the complications of Malaria, severe anaemia and 
pulmonary oedema.

Blood transfusion is available at regional hospitals but too often the child dies 
before parents can find transport or funds. 
We have been training the team in transfusion, blood typing, screening and safe 
practice for
 some months, teaching based on WHO guidelines, but modified for our setting 
where issues of  refrigerated blood storage and more detailed blood type diagnostics
 are not possible.

This child came in severe distress to the clinic, profoundly anaemic with a Haemoglobin 
of 3 ( Normal around 12-13), breathless, feverish and collapsed with severe malaria.

A donor parent was screened and found compatible, blood taken and transfused
 carefully to avoid volume overload. After 24 hours the child was up and mobile, 
even if not to keen to have his picture taken!

This is a huge step for us, and a remote, resource poor clinic. Providing blood transfusion will tackle maybe the leading cause of childhood death that we see, and give hope for many surrounding communities.
 Little surprise the celebratory selfie that was sent from the on call team!