August 2017 Editorial : You'll amount to nothing.....

“You’ll amount to nothing”…..

A strange name to give your son, and not one to exactly foster self esteem.
‘You’ll amount to nothing” joined the Mission five years ago. The team were unhappy
with his given nomenclature and took him into a side room,

A few minutes later he emerged grinning from ear to ear. ‘My name is Israel’ he
exclaimed, a Hebrew meaning of this word being ‘Triumphant with God”.
Israel comes from Ekameta, a forlorn community flooded annually by the rains and with
a rather disengaged populous, unlike Enekorogha.

Israel is regularly abused by the community members who to date, though using our
wife or family, sleeping most nights in the clinic and despite his recent salvation seeking
to maintain and encourage the growth of a small fellowship of believers.

Last week he called me in a rare moment of network coverage. ‘Sir, the rains are
coming’, and with these the floods.Like every year Israel will pack the clinic equipment,
beds and all and help ship them for three month storage at our main clinic base until the
floods subside and the messy clearance of mud and sewage is cleared.

Israel is rarely without a smile, rarely without malaria and rarely without financial need.
His hunger is for God, knowledge of His Word and to serve Him within the Mission.

Unusually small and light in frame for a Nigerian he can be easily taken advantage of,
aided by his naturally willing demeanour, it can be annoying to see. 

Not the most academic, nor the most confident, Israels heart to serve is a testimony of his humility. We focus on his witness this time reminding us of the sacrifices which are acceptable to
God, ‘a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God thou wilt not despise’. (Psalm